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#2A-- Wonderful Gouda 3 handled Covered Pot. This great piece was produced by the PZH company in the Romeo pattern. This piece was made in 1925. The piece is 7" x 6.75". The piece is in good condition with a nip on the rim where the lid and pot meet--$275.00----

#2B-- Extremely Rare Large Gouda Hanging Planter--Graduated to a point MINT condition wonderfully hand-painted by the company Goedewaagen---(Koninklijke Hollandsche Pijpen-en Aardewerkfabrieken Goedewaagen)----- 9.75" x 7.5"--$575.00----

#2C--Gouda Arnhem company Inkwell, painted in the ASTRID pattern--$195.00----

#2D- Rare Gouda Vase/Bowl in a geometric/southwest pattern. This piece was produced by the Schoonhoven company in the 1930's 4" x 7" hand-painted in the Baoel pattern----$125.00------

#2E- Gouda Vase produced by the PZH company in 1906-1917. The Vase is hand-painted in the CANDIA pattern. The Vase is 6.75" high with a small nip on the rim---$95.00--- ---

#2F- Gouda Ringed chamberstick produced by the PZH company in the MARION pattern in 1921-- ---$135.00---

#2G--Gouda Tray 15" produced by the Zenith company. This is a pre 1931 piece signed by the designer A. Stolk. A wonderful find---$195.00--- ---

#2H--Gouda Wall pocket produced by the Regina company in the 1930's. Hand-painted in the MAGDA pattern----$135.00--- ---

#2I-Gouda Shieldback Chamberstick by the PZH company. Produced in 1926 in the Emmy pattern---$165.00 ---

#2J-Gouda Tray Produced by the Gelria company in Arnheim. Produced in 1920's in the Kella pattern. 11.25" wide---$195.00 ---

#2K-Pair of Gouda Candle holders produced by the PZH company in 1929. Hand-painted in the "FALCON" pattern. The artist was Martinus Weel van der.---$165.00--- ---

#2L-Gouda ashtray produced by the Regina company in 1930's ---SOLD--- ---

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