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#3A--PZH Gouda Footed ribbed bowl Clareth pattern produced in 1924, some inside ware --$155.00----

#3B--PZH Gouda 2 handled Bowl hand-painted in the Marga pattern. Produced in 1922; 10.75" x 2.25" --$165.00----

#3D--PZH Gouda Candleholder hand-painted in the Marion pattern in 1929--$85.00----

#3E Gouda Vase produced by the PZH company in 1926. Hand-painted in the KAF pattern 3.75" x 4"----$55.00----

#3F A Pair of matching PZH company Gouda vases. These vases are in the "Uniqeu" pattern produced in 1926 by the same artist. The vases are 8.5" high-- --$425.00----

#3G Regina Company 1930's High Gloss "CORDOBA" patterned 2 handled Art Deco Vase 8" x 4.5"---------$225.00----

#3H Regina Company 1930's "VERONA" patterned tazza 2 handles 8" x 4.75" hand-painted matt finish--------$185.00----

#3I PZH company in 1923 Tazza hand-painted in the "OLIVE" pattern 7.5" x 8.25"-------$185.00----

#3J- Great Gouda Tazza Produced by the PZH company in 1927 hand-painted in the Maritz pattern 5" x 6" ----$165.00------

#3K Gouda Striker produced by the Geleria company in the 1930's Hand-painted in the NATALUS pattern -------$35.00----

#3L Gouda Vase produced by the Goedewaagen company in the 1930's. Hand-painted in the CLERRA pattern 7.75" x 4.5" -------$245.00----

#3M Gouda Bowl produced by the PZH company in September of 1920. Hand-painted in the ASTRA pattern. The Bowl is just under 8" wide and 3.5" high. The are two factory mold imperfactions in the bowl-------$195.00----

#3N Gouda Bowl produced by the PZH company in 1924. This Bowl is hand-painted and in excellent condition. The measurements are just under 8" across and 3.5" high -------$125.00----

#3O Gouda handled Candleholder produced by the REGINA company for Birks of Canada. The piece is hand-painted in the high glaze ROBUR pattern. The piece measures 5" across and 3" high. Excellent condition -------$95.00----

#3P Gouda Bowl produced by the PZH company in 1921 . This piece is hand-painted in the GAICA pattern. This piece is 4" wide by 1" high -------$55.00----

#3Q Gouda High Glaze Vase produced by the PZH company 1907-1918. Hand-painted CHRISSANTH pattern. The Vase is in the Excellent condition -------$195.00----

#3R Gouda High Glaze Bowl produced by the Eduard Antheunis Company around 1920. This Bowl is hand-painted in the "BAGDAD" pattern and is featured in "The World of Gouda Pottery" book in page 123. This Bowl offered is larger than the one featured in the book being 10.5" in diameter -------$195.00----

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